Monday, June 29, 2009


     I was reading Saragirl's blog the other day and I saw a really scrumptious picture that she posted, along with her thoughts on being "taken."  What a word that is!  Just seeing it on the page gives me butterflies in my tummy and a very unladylike bulge in my panties.

     "Taken,"  mmm, it just has a punch, a potency that words like fucked, screwed, dominated, seduced, etc. just don't have.  It's all those things rolled up into one.  What does it say about me that that word affects me so powerfully?  What does it say about the sissy mindset in general?  I don't just want to be fucked by a woman (or a man for that matter), I want to be taken, to be possessed, to be made entirely hers (or his).

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just a note for future reference.  I love, I mean love, well written TG fiction.  Ever since I discovered a book in my school library called "Boys Will be Girls" and learned that TG fiction existed, I've been hooked.  Well, I was heartbroken when went dark a while back.  Just a few days ago, thanks to Saragirl of I learned that it was back at, appropriately enough, Yay!

The tug of the strap...

I have to say that, at least to me, the most powerfully feminine garment I've ever had the  (delightfully wicked) pleasure to wear is a garter belt and stockings.  I can slip on the prettiest, laciest bra, or a soft satin thong, but nothing compares to sliding a pair of stockings up freshly shaven legs and buckling them to the wisp of lace that circles my waist.

On work days, I love to dress up like a man.   To put on my disguise, my power suit, tie, freshly shined shoes, and walk out into the world.  And underneath, my secret.  With each step throughout the day, I feel the tug of the straps holding up my stockings.  Each exquisite tug a reminder of what I really am.  Reminding me that I can pretend to be a man, but in the end I'm a sissy girl who likes to wear pretty things.  That feeling, that tug of the strap, binds me to femininity and submission.
     Hello to anyone who finds this little blog.  I'm taking this on principally for my own benefit, for the therapeutic value of putting my thoughts and feelings out there into the aether, but I hope that that visitors will find something of interest here from time to time.

      I am, at heart, a sissy.  It feels good to write that, even if no one ever reads it.  I am soft, not hard.  I am pink, not blue.  I am bottom, not top.  My life isn't lived this way in the open, but that's who I am.